Wednesday, 2 October 2013

counting the days

While I was considering my imminent return to Vancouver not too unfavourably in the last few days, it became even more of a thing to look forward to when rain drops hit my head during this morning's 6 am cigarette break.  I have been so lucky with the weather since September 19th that I could have saved myself the trouble of lugging my Whatever-Tex jacket around the English Channel.

Today is hotel-changing day. While the hotel that I have stayed in for the last 4 days was perfectly adequate and not too expensive, tonight they were almost completely booked already as of last weekend and had pushed up their prices accordingly.  Not willing to pay 35 Pounds extra for the same room on a Wednesday, I have secured accommodation somewhere else.  Check-out time is 11 am ; Check-in time is 2 pm. I have lots of luggage, but no bicycle.  If the rain subsides, I'll be happy to play Cowboy with Dead Horse again, i.e. tie together my saddle bags and sling them over my shoulder together with my backpack.  If the rain persists, I might actually have to take a taxi cab.  I find that having a bicycle and two feet at one's disposal almost completely eliminates the need for taxis and in my 10 days in England I have taken only one taxi so far.

WOOOOOW.  I'm sitting at the hotel breakfast table as I am writing this and I just had my very first (AND very LAST) bite ever of MARMITE.  I put it on toast; is one supposed to mix it into orange juice?  It is sooo salty, I feel like a cow licking one of those Salt Stones in the pasture!  This stuff is appalling!  Given the choice between this and Foie Gras, I rather torture a goose for its fatty liver! And that is saying a lot: In 4 weeks of France in July I only had foie gras ONCE, and that by accident (Always read the menu in DETAIL).

Jest aside:  DO NOT EAT FOIE GRAS!  Go to Google, and look for images of geese and ducks being force-fed. If you have a trace of decency in you, you'll lose your appetite for foie gras forever!  Two sample images one page width below (CAREFUL !) (and these are the HARMLESS pictures ;-(

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