Friday, 4 October 2013

Le Velo is flying (and It's hard work not to be greedy)

I escaped the abyss of Greed that is called the Marriott Hotel (more on that further downh), took a shuttle bus to the terminal (the bus didn't have a low-level luggage compartment, so I had to drag the bike into the actual passenger area), found the Air Transat counter, where the box was weighed (Considering the fact that it is an electric bike, it is very surprising that at 27.5 kg it came in well below the allowed 32 kg), paid for the conveyance of the bike (the 20 pounds I paid is slightly more than the CDN$ 30 advertised by Air Transat on their website), and then watched in horror as the box and my saddle bags were swallowed by the wide-open mouth of the X-ray machine at the over-sized luggage counter.

My original peevement of seeing another Air Transat customer actually riding his bike to the airport and after deflating his tires and turning his handlebar sideways being handed an oversize plastic bag by Air Transat staff abated at the oversize luggage counter, when Mr. Shortcut was instructed to remove his wheels etc etc, while I just shoved the box on the conveyor.  But something to keep in mind, that would save another two cab/shuttle fees.

Coming back to the subject of Greed and the Marriott:  What I paid for the room in a major hotel chain right at the terminal, I thought that it was suspiciously cheap:  73 pounds (not cheap, but it is a 10 minute walk from the terminal; just not with a boxed bike).  When I entered the room I was greeted by a bottle of water and a sign :
Drink Me for 3.50 Pounds (Tell the receptionist if you don't drink me)
This actually backfired for them, me thinks. It put me in I'm-being-ripped-off mode.  Paying 12.99 pounds for 24 hours of internet didn't help matters much (I refused the offer to get internet AND access to ALL their porn movies on TV for 26 pounds).  It also made me reconsider having breakfast at the Marriot. The room did not include breakfast and they want 15 pounds for a continental breakfast.  Good thing I thought ahead. I am writing this post while sitting at a Whetherspoon pub at the airport, having just consumed an American Breakfast INCLUDING a glass of white wine (at 8:30 am ;-) for 11 pounds.   I must point out though that the staff at the Marriott was a shining example of helpfulness, kindness, and wit (The first thing the receptionist asked me this morning after he had stored the bike for me in a conference room yesterday was "Good Morning Sir. So did you see you cycle on E-Bay last night?)  More power to the Marriott employees, and good luck dealing with all that bad Karma to the management.

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