Wednesday, 2 October 2013

An eye for an eye, but 50 p for a pee (or Pissoir Profits)

Time to either post or delete old draft posts or re-publish posts that were taken off for whatever reasons.

This one was first conceived in London after I repeatedly had to squeeze hard in order not to loose it.

All because these sometimes were hard to find:
Not a Metro entrance

And if one finally located one, one was faced with the intolerable task of ignoring one's own pEE for a while to look in one's wallet for a p 


50 p to pEE and 6 p per minute to pHONE pOWELL RIVER.

What is even odder is that the pRICE for a pEE varies between 30 p and 50 p and free p.  
Oh come on, a p is a p and a pEE is a pEE !

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