Thursday, 24 October 2013

A fall day (Vancouver looking pretty )

Fall is here.
At first I though this street in East Vancouver was the scene of a movie shoot, there were so many people with cameras standing on the street. But it turned out it was just passers-by stopping to take a pic of the foliage.
oh Canada ...
 In the afternoon, I was SO SICK of maneuvering my car through Vancouver nightmare traffic that I just dropped the car at the motel and switched for the bicycle. This decision was greatly influenced that the bloody fog had retreated a bit. Plus, not only would have the grocery shopping trip to West Vancouver taken at least twice the time in the car, I also would have not taken the scenic route and would have no pictures to show for it ;-)

Despite appearances,  I was sweating in my hoodie

Is that Lions Gate Bridge or Vikings out there ?

The roads are packed. The beaches are empty.  CRAZY CITY!

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