Saturday, 12 October 2013

A garden and a wee ride in a park

Contrary to what one may glean from previous posts, Vancouver is not all cars and roads. There are a few gorgeous spots, which is not to say that from those gorgeous spots one can't see, hear, and smell multitudes of cars. Careful! Thinking about how beautiful these spots could be in the absence of those sightings , sounds, and smells is a depressing activity.

A LARGE and SCULPTED vegetable (!) garden close to Hastings and Renfrew.

After living for a month on French breakfasts, it is not easy going back to regular fare.  But fortunately a Safeway in West Vancouver, which famously used to sell one (1) potato wrapped in plastic foil ready for the microwave for more than $3, has closed. In its place opened a store called Fresh Street Market.  The food is MUCH better and the prices are civilized (not only for West Vancouver ;-).  And a morning bike ride to pick up fresh bread is nothing to sneeze at either.

Especially if the following sights await along the bike route ;-)

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