Tuesday, 22 October 2013


For days now the weather forecast has called for sunny skies.  That in itself is a nice thing in Vancouver in October, when everyone waits for the winter monsoon to arrive.  Unfortunately 'Sunny skies' seems a bit like an exaggeration when one has been living in fog for days.  

This is actually 'good' because one can 'see' the sun

There also hasn't been any noticeable wind in Vancouver for days, so the fog is most likely not just pure water vapour but has some extra ingredients mixed into it ;-(

Since the whole experience reminds me a lot of the time before I got my reading glasses (Now not only the letters on a page are fuzzy, but the whole world has become a rather swampy mess without sharp contours), I decided to relocate temporarily to a fog-less part of Vancouver and get some sun at the same time.

And the plan worked better than expected. After some scratching my head why half of Vancouver drivers (in their mostly GREY cars) drive on a highway in dense fog without head or tail lights, I take the exit to Cypress Bowl and when I have gained about 50 meters altitude, the fog parts like a curtain and reveals blue skies and sunshine.

North Vancouver & Burnaby mountain peeking out


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