Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Horley Station

During my involuntary stay in semi-rural England, this was my place of detention and departure point of my trips to London.


Shame on anyone who would think unsightly thoughts at the mention of that name.

 And don't get me wrong:  I actually like Horley.

To get from my hotel to Horley Station is a half hour walk (and I don't walk slowly).
C'est normal !

Still Life with Gravel Lawn

Horley Flee Market

Yes, this is part of the train station

so is this.

The weirdest mirrors I have ever seen

It's all VERY QUAINT and in a way pretty, but all that quaintness and prettiness is probably at least partially caused by the fact that the place is falling to pieces:

Now PLEASE INSPECT the following picture CAREFULLY !
It is the end of a train platform.  Since one doesn't want people to wonder off into tracky never-never land, one installs a very fancy and probably very EXPENSIVE METAL BARRIER.  To allow access for AUTHORIZED personnel, this barrier has a GATE. If you look carefully, you can see that this GATE is closed and is SECURED AGAINST UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS by a SHINY PADLOCK.  You will also notice that the BARRIER DOES NOT extend all the way to the EDGE of the platform, but that said space is barred ON BOTH SIDES by TWO FUNKY WOODEN PALLETS.  

THIS must have been the work of the ominous BRAIN GIANT of BRITAIN!

Now for the worse part:  I have seen IDENTICAL end-of-platform designs on other stations along the line to London.  There is METHOD to the MADNESS !

Thank the Lord that this door is secured against authorized access

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