Thursday, 3 October 2013

Plage du Sillon ( a visual ode to a beach)

It has taken forever to compose this post.  I only spent 3 days in St Malo this time, but there are 100s of gorgeous pictures and it was not easy to come up with a selection (still way too many pics).  I'll be adding some pictures while whittling away others. But it was time to post this. The winter rains are approaching ;-( 

On every day spent in St Malo, I go for walks along the beach as often as I can ;-) These pictures were taken on three (or four?) walks.

Just looking out of the window causes my feet to salivate for a taste of that sand and that water between their toes.
the view out the window at dawn

almost there ;-)

This walk starts with MERDE. Merde du chien, to be precise.  Someone insisted on taking their dog on this beach and did not clean up after said dog.  Taking off one's sandals so one's toes can touch sand only to find out that one's sandals, which one carries under one's arm, let off a whiff of MERDE DU CHIEN, is not a good way to start a beach walk.  With much haste, I deposit the sandals on a wave-breaker post and hurry to the water's edge to SCRUB my arm and my T-shirt with salt-water and sea-sand as scouring pad.  Gotta get rid of that smell!
The above combo does leave one's skin bright red, but it does an amazing job of removing any trace of dog ;-)

these poles were not here in July !

OLD tree trunks rammed in the sand to break the waves

by the time I come back my shoes are almost afloat

The shadows are pointing North-East, so this must be noonish to early afternoon


Shadows pointing East: Evening

Again I left my sandals on one of the wave-breaking posts close to my hotel. This time the tide was further out, so I knew I had more time to walk before my shoes would become prey of the sea (or rather a victim of my stupidity;-)
comin' to get ya !

Now if I had held the camera straight ....

the moment is gone 


vive la France

tidal pool just before the wall (artificial; there is a concrete wall to the right of this ;-)

water everywhere?


Add caption

ce mouette ne parle que breton !

Even in the evening there are not many people on this beach

Different morning, same beach.  I could do this every day.  I REALLY WANT to do this EVERY DAY !

Has become a tradition: no shoes on the beach

It's getting crowded !

Just imagine the accompanying sound

Where's me other leg?  I swear I 'ad 2 of them yesterday !

Found it. It was still asleep.

Just kidding!

Something lives under the sand and 'excretes' these sand turds !

Didn't we see that guy without shoes yesterday?

Again: imagine the soundscape

Freak sunrise with building shadows

Does she see the Light?

The same ray of light from the hotel window

Does this person see the Light?

And later that afternoon:

I just can't get enough of these COLOURS !

Mika's Pirate Ship

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