Monday, 12 October 2015

Yet another missed Hanoi flight (And a recovering afternoon in Hong Kong)

How in the world could I miss that flight for the second time?   

Last time it was the missing visa.  

This time I don't need a visa.  HOW did I miss it again?

This is how:

When it becomes clear that I will not be able to get up, make my way to the airport, fly, and navigate public transport in Hanoi, I call the hotel's reception to renew my room for another night.   Fortunately I could stay in the same room, but for an exorbitant price (in comparison: my hotel for the night cost more than the re-booked flight to Hanoi tomorrow)

Once my stomach has calmed down, I see things calmer. It's not the first time I missed a flight and last time it was for the best: I got 2 weeks in Hong Kong out of it ;-)  Rule #4 of the Dalai Lama : Remember that  sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck!

After my stomach has calmed down I go for an early a.m. walk.

A bit later I re-book my flight for tomorrow I realize that this leaves me time for some errands that I wanted to run in Hong Kong.

I  see the watchmaker on Des Voeux Road.  Every time I come here, I either buy some leather watch bands or have  a watch re-glassed.  This is his tiny shop (the left  of the brightly lit shop fronts)

He doesn't disappoint this time either:

The crystal was so scratched before that it made it almost impossible to see the time.  Now this beauty from the 1960s shines again ;-)

I'm always amazed how he has his watch-maker's tool attached to his head with a simple wire, so this time I ask him to let me take a picture.

M goi saai, Mr. Watchmaker !
I also buy some camera memory cards (where else if not in Hong Kong?) and a travel adapter.

I also feel I can't refuse taking this flower into my hotel room, which a flower seller across the street offers for HK$12

I lay down for a hopefully uneventful night's sleep and look forward to tomorrow's flight to Hanoi, which still will let me take advantage of my booked room in Hanoi and the junk in Ha-long Bay.

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