Monday, 5 October 2015

NY again.

New York?  Hell NO, I'm talking Neil Young of course. He was playing in Vancouver, so I couldn't really miss that, and this was the reason why I postponed my travels abroad.

The lovely lady that was coming with me to the concert is George's Kookum (grandmother in Cree) Mary. 

Photo credit: April Beaver
Most of this post will  remain wordless (for now) because I have fallen back severely with my posts (the 24 hours of being  sick and sleeping upon my arrival in Hong Kong didn't help)  and continuity must  be preserved!

In every Neil  Young concert: a well-travelled statue ;-_


The above rusty-red stage lighting belongs to the performance of Cowgirl in the Sand, and if you click on the song title, you'll see the video that some other kind soul at the concert made (I was too busy flipping out on my chair ;-)

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