Friday, 23 October 2015

Where the Emperor's concubines spun silk (or A visit to West Lake)

Today I feel strong enough to go face the 30 degree weather and the labyrinth of streets for a longer walk.  I've seen West Lake on the map but so far I've been more concerned with finding my way home again from the much closer Lake of the Restored Sword

The main railway line above me

Part of West Lake is damned off and it is said that it was here that the Emperor's concubines were located here and kept busy spinning silk

The dam in the background; drying rose petals in the foreground

An artificial coral reef for the fish or Toilet Art?

I've seen lots of tiny dogs in Vietnam, but this is the first cat

Now what's this?

Who that?  (it's HOOTTTTT)

Comrade Le-Nin

The workers creating banners with plastic flowers on Styrofoam have gone home

Here is that main railway line again ;-)

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