Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Star Ferry (and missing Hanoi flight #3)

Before going down for breakfast I notice the previously missing  brightness behind my curtains and am amazed at the beauty of Hong Kong in the sunshine !

Perfect backdrop for this afternoon's trip to Hanoi !!!

I head down for breakfast to fill my famished stomach. The hotel breakfast went down well after my first bout of illness, so what could go wrong this time? (ADD to list of famous last words!)

I take the double-decker tram and am lucky to get one of the old wooden-framed cars.  The new aluminum ones are just not the same.  Just think Roller-Coasters

It's just a more relaxed and civilized way of travel than those air-conditioned buses or cabs!

Careful observers might notice in the picture below a sheeny sweat indicating a stomach that is not all that well  1 hour after breakfast.

5 minutes after this picture is taken, I catch my ferry back, don't even stop  at the Post Office to buy stamps anymore, and just try to force the double-decker tram to gallop through the streets to get me to my toilet more quickly ;-(

My plane to Hanoi leaves this afternoon at 2 but I won't be on it.  A quick call to reception and an internet booking gets me the same room again, at an even more exorbitant rate than yesterday's emergency booking.

That's 3 flights to Hanoi I've missed now.   Is someone trying to tell me something?  Or have I just entered a really Really REALLY UNLUCKY phase ??????

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