Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Find your Beach ! (Mui Wo and Silvermine Beach)

I'm normally no fan of commercialism or advertising. But after having spent a few hours in Mui  Wo, I ran across this ad forming the wall of a tiny convenience store hut on Silvermine Beach.

I instantly liked the ad when I first walked by it, but after taking a few more pictures this evening, I couldn't imagine this ad not being here ;-)  Because this beach is fabulous!

My dream house?

Just before sunset I go stand aimlessly on the beach in front of my hotel and try to capture some nice beach shots.

The  sun is setting  but the air is still warm when I take these pictures.  Then a sixth sense seems to say that something is behind me. 
I do a quick shoulder check, see mostly beach behind me, and get back to taking pictures of boats.

HANG ON !!!! 

That wasn't beach. That wasn't boat. That wasn't a DOG either. 

That was WAY bigger than a dog.

I turn around and stare at a WILD WATER BUFFALO!
In this picture you can just see a hint of those HORNS that are more visible in the picture below

Not my pic

You might notice that the pictures become sharper the further the beast is away from me. Just don't call it camera shake !

Don't feed the Wild Water Buffalo sign
Maybe it feels as if its space invaded (I know the feeling!!!) ...
NOT a big dog !
... because it gets up and trots away.

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