Saturday, 1 March 2014

Timber ! (or a walk on a wooded beach)

Ever seen those packages of compacted sawdust they sell at gas stations to fireplace and wood stove owners for outrageous amounts?  They sell those on the Sunshine Coast as well. At equally exorbitant prices, no less.   I've also noticed that quite a high percentage of houses and cabins here are heated by wood stoves or fireplaces; it's easy to notice by what comes out of the chimney ;-).

During today's beach walk with Max & Denise, I finally realized that all those wood-burning devices don't have to run on that horribly overpriced industrial waste-product. There is more than enough wood on the beach to fire these stoves for years! 

Seems there was a good reason to film Beachcombers roughly 10 kms from here ;-)

Denise & Max dwarfed by timber 

more wood arriving; a boardwalk in the making

Arbutus ! Isn't it gorgeous?

a game of Mikado anyone ?

The Creek that gave the town its name

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