Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bike riding days are here again !

It's sunny and 10 degrees. Not that great in the grand scheme of things, but not bad either and definitely better than monsoon season and 4 degrees ;-)

I decided to bring some more colour into the tiny bit of soil in front of my hotel room.  The flowers might actually grow now and the butterfly dances as soon as the sun hits the small solar panel.

Gotta make use of the sun before the rains come back, so off I go to cycle over the bridge again ;-)

While the above view can still be considered pretty, I'm not sure about the view when getting downtown.  At least in Hong Kong's residential people silos, the high-rises are usually arranged in a row, so that almost every suite gets a view of something that is not another high-rise. 

While this all looks nice and sunny and warm, the stiff cold breeze coming from the ocean, stirring up sand off the beach and abraded filth from tires & brake pads off the roadways, makes this trip not as nice as it may look.  And if some people call cities 'cold' they're probably not only referring to the mentality of people, but also to the temperature in the shaded concrete valleys.  Say Hello to the new 'Vancouver Specials':  Riding along the seawall on the other side of downtown, I notice that groups of maybe 2 or 3 of those towers have started to give themselves names like something-or-other neighbourhood.  Ah well, if people have friends on Facebook, might as well call a high-rise a neighbourhood.

The way back along the southern waterfront of downtown is prettier again (unless one focuses on the cement factory on Granville Island ;-) but also cold. The wind off the ocean becomes very noticeable again.

There are people on this beach !

And despite the temperatures, there are lots of bicycles out here.  Unfortunately most of them are of the 'see & be seen' type and most likely were carted here from somewhere on the back of a car. When I get back home, I realize with astonishment that I have cycled 39 km today.  Really no need to use the internal combustion engine any more ;-)

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