Sunday, 9 March 2014

On a sunny Sunday

not my toes !
Could the webbing between my fingers & toes be drying out ?

It was wet last night. Very wet.
It was so wet that some careful soul had issued an advanced heavy wetness advisory.
not mine either !

But it's all over now.  The clocks have changed.  That change brings a spark of hope into everyone's heart.

After all, Daylight Saving Time is colloquially known as Summer time and not Soaking Time.

Some brave souls from the Sunshine Coast will be competing in the UBC Triathlon competition today.

NOT my sign

 Last year I went over there to cheer on some friends, but had forgotten about the time change
and arrived too late.

This year I have a haircut appointment instead.  And I will take the bicycle, because ...

And waking up at 8 am (7 am old time) today, I am greeted by sunshine streaming in through the windows!  If the word jubilant was in my vocabulary, it would be the one to describe my state of mind ;-) Finally some exercise. Finally no need to drive around in a friggin car ! Finally my solar toys will work (solar butterfly pictured on stove).

Over the bridge:

I never realized that the amount of rowing in my youth would qualify me to be a trainer ;-) OAR SALAD !!

Of course, some roads are closed to film more bad movies.

Taking Second Narrows Bridge back to North Van was a mistake, of course. Not only is one of the itsy bitsy tiny narrow side walks closed, but that part of North Vancouver is also home to lovely chemical plants, a huge railway yard, as well as HUGE HEAPS of coal being loaded from trains onto ships. Let's just say the air there doesn't deserve its name ;-(

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