Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Travelling on a Tuesday

solar roller coaster ;not my pic
The day does not start well.  Yesterday afternoon's DETAILED hourly weather forecast called for sunshine today from 8 am to 6 pm. Naturally I was all excited, because that meant that my solar-powered roller coaster, which found a temporary home in Hans' and Denise's south-facing window, would be going wild.

But when I stumble out of my bedroom this morning full of anticipation, all I see are raindrops.  By 2 pm the rain has weird white drippy things mixed into it.  Great weather forecast again, folks !!!

At 3:40 I leave the house and head for the ferry. Why take a ferry?  First of all it's time for a visit to Grandma, who has been on her own for 3 days.  Add to that the birthday of my pseudo-nephew's mother,which will apparently be celebrated in a revolving restaurant, and which apparently I am expected to attend.  And last but least, a new tablet/laptop I had ordered at Futureshop apparently was delivered by Canada Post this morning.

Even though I try to time my arrival at the ferry terminal close to the scheduled ferry departure time, I there 30 minutes before that time, and get to look at the usual extremely exciting view.  By now it is 4 pm and I feel like going to bed, even though the day hasn't even properly started yet.

At 4:30, the ferry leaves right on time and powers into the wet cloudscape.

 I've heard horror stories of the wetness of the Queen Charlotte Islands, but looking around me,

 I can't imagine how it could be any worse than here.

The birthday dinner takes place at Cloud 9 restaurant.  The weather actually cooperates and we get to see the thin moon among the LED 'stars' of the ceiling reflected in the windows!
There were more pictures of Chantal, but she's a bit picky about pictures of herself, so I limit myself to the following ones ;-)

Willing to pose for a good cause

Enough now !

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