Monday, 3 March 2014

A Day in the Dark or a Week in the Wet ?

The title should be enough to let the reader know all about the weather.

We got lucky with Saturday's walk:  it started SNOWING just a few minutes before we got back to the house.  No more snow today, but seems determined not to leave for a while.
All this winter weather has my feet complaining. For a few month now, I have been rotating between 4 pairs of summer socks.  Don't I have any winter socks?  Of course, I do.  But they are either in the camper van or buried deep in my storage locker.  And my feet are cold.

This is a good enough reason to leave the house and take a trip to Sechelt to visit the local Mark's Work Wearhouse to buy some thicker socks.  I buy a pair, which in retrospect are not as nice or price worthy as ones I could have bought at MEC in Vancouver, but alas, there is no MEC on the Sunshine Coast.

The route to Sechelt leads through Davis Bay, a location populated during the summer months with crowds of tourists basking in the sun at this gorgeous place.

Not so today.

On the next morning both the dog and I felt that we needed some exercise so we enticed Denise to take us on a beach walk.  And while it actually was not 'raining' per se, the pebbles on the beach all had a strange dalmatian appearance caused by individual drops of water falling from the sky.

Same Heron as last time?

This is when I found out that if one has a dog along one doesn't have to run oneself to scare up those photogenic taking-off-bird-flocks.

The weather is better somewhere over Vancouver Island  

Not a seascape, but a beached Arbutus log.

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