Friday, 7 March 2014

Time to leave again

My time on the Soaking Coast (after the past week's weather it seems wrong to use the name Sunshine Coast) has ended for now.  Which is too bad. The week in quiet surroundings with nice company and too much food was a much needed break from vicious Vancouver.

Last night I had a look at entries of this blog from March 2013 to see what I had been doing exactly one year ago.  One post relates how Telus charges outrageous rates (~$70) for the simple service of forwarding a telephone number to another number. One year later they are charging even more! Another post deals with seagulls at the nice old Burger King at Main Street & 2nd Ave (there are/were actual real trees on the parking lot). That place is either gone already or will be very very soon to make room for another high-rise.  A third post extols the virtues of a fabulous and cheap restaurant at Renfrew and First avenue.  That location and a few next to it are now vacant. Time to build something more revenue-friendly?  And you wonder why I call Vancouver vicious?

But there is hope on the weather front. Denise had a plan of finishing a quilt at the same time as the poor weather finally came to an end. While there is still some lousy weather in the forecast, the quilt is done. Remember: You saw it here first ;-)
copyright D.S.

Her garden seems to reflect her hope for warmer, drier, and sunnier days, because a few colourful thingies have dare to rear their heads out of the dirt.


crocus 2 ?



After quite a lot of stuff has been stuffed back into backpacks, shopping bags, and suitcases, followed bya yummy lunch with Denise at Bayview Restaurant,  I am catching the 14:30 ferry back to Horseshoe Bay.

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