Sunday, 30 March 2014

Welcome to the third world (or S L O W U P L O A D S )

The title is not in any way meant to pay disrespect to the 'real' third world, where people suffer from illness, hunger, and violence RIGHT NOW.

I've been whining for a while to friends, only partially in jest, that the display of webpages on my computers seems to have been faster in the days of good old dial-up internet service.  And when I started to upload 3 pictures to this blog, after 10 minutes of watching the slow progress bars decided to go for a cigarette, and found on my return that the bloody pictures still had not completed uploading, I knew there was something not right.  And then I read this:

Canada also rates below the G8 average of 8.8 Mbps and is being outperformed by several developing nations, with upload speeds in Manitoba and British Columbia comparable to those in Honduras and Iraq, respectively.

Forgive me for not including pictures with this post;  I just don't have the time ;-)

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