Friday, 28 February 2014

Enough already (a mini escape)

@ the Good Karma Cafe in HS Bay
 Motels & hotels in Vancouver are subject to tenants moving in at 3 am and having the bathroom fan running all night.  Some of my readers will know what that means and those who don't probably don't want to know anyway.  In any event, I'm sick of the noise of people coming and going and the smells coming through the air ducts. As if the traffic noise and smell wasn't bad enough.

In addition, as of today my lovely smoking suite is scheduled to be renovated and presumably to be converted to a non-smoking suite. Pah!

So I do what I usually do if confronted with circumstances out of my control:  I hop on a ferry.

Before leaving Horseshoe Bay from the Car deck
Synchronized seagulling in Horseshoe Bay

For obvious reasons, the fjords of Norway are not assigned high priority on my where-to-hhtravel list

And all of a sudden I'm in Beachcombers Country again

No, not the Persephone, but the water taxi

And as soon as I sit down at Bayview Szechuan Restaurant in Gibsons to eat my meal with a view over the bay (duh!), all the worries of Vancouver seem to shed and be gone with the wind ;-)

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