Saturday, 8 February 2014

Oh Canada (Olympic Cringing) and an arctic journey

It's time for more Olympic games.
I don't think Sotchi has to be afraid that its spectacle will turn into another Owe-limpics like most of the previous ones, since Mother Russia and Father Putin are most likely very happy to pay.
Tsar Putin
Not usually a great fan of the Big Money Games, I turn on CBC anyway, since I knew the Opening Ceremony would be broadcast live on CBC right now.  And I turn it off almost right away.


I happened to switch to the broadcast at the moment when a Russian flag was being formed by torch-bearing serfs and the Russian national anthem was playing.  Then the commentator opened his ugly mouth:
"Whenever we heard this SONG before, we were in for a good Hockey game".

OUCH!  Referring to another nation's national anthem as a song is bad enough. Reducing Russia to a worthy opponent of past Hockey games must be new low point in Canadian-Russian relations.

Red Square (not my pic)

After these comments, I decide to self-exile myself from Vancouver to my own private Siberia:

Outside temperatures are a reminder of Siberia

Also along the lines of the Siberia feeling:  Even though Langdale is only a 40 min ferry ride from Vancouver, I always get the feeling of approaching a desolate fishing village on some remote Northern coast.

Langdale Ferry Terminal

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