Thursday, 27 February 2014

Those never-ending Winter Blues (or dreaming of another bridge)

After 3 days of heavy snowfall, the weather forecast finally promised sunny skies. But as usual, it is inadvisable to put much trust in Vancouver weather forecasts:

No new snow, but no real sun either

The view from Lions Gate Bridge evokes memories of that lovely arctic hamlet of Valdez (OK, lovely before the Exxon Valdez did its thing).  Good thing these ships aren't oil tankers ;-)

The swirly fog/clouds do not help either in developing those sunny beach feelings I was hoping for.

Downtown isn't any sunnier, but definitely more depressing. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the old Vancouver architecture (copper roofs !!!) to the new human-storage concrete silos.

The weather forecast calls for more snow during the next week, so even Le Velo feels caged in and dreams of warmer coastlines  ;-)
Le Velo dreaming of an Orange Bridge 

Should one give in to the yearnings of one's bicycle ? 
not my pic

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