Saturday, 24 January 2015

The long march (PV style)

I arrived here on Thursday. Today is Saturday. I still have not made it to the centre of Puerto Vallarta. Now is the time!
 This bird reminds me of the little birdss in Saint Malo that flow with the waves up and down the beach. This one doesn't seem to like getting wet knees either ;-)

Still some undeveloped land along the beach !
Most affluent tourists do their best to ignore adults and children demonstrating abilities or sellable wares meant to entice the tourists to part with some of their pesos.  This woman is showing attention, and is that a wallet in her hand? I had first noticed the father on a saxophone and then his two sons on drums walking and playing music on the outside of the fence separating them from the tourist.  How can anyone not hand over some dinero?

I brought my sandals. This time I came prepared !


 Today's weather is overcast but still warm at 27 degrees. So I still sweat but at least I won't burn.
This bird must have thought that the sculptured woman was after it !

Sand sculpture


Holy Cow !

I end up on the 1st floor of a local eatery specializing in Mexican Seafood.  It's not the hunger that drives me here but a need to rest and use a lavatory.  I also use the opportunity to watch the other clientele 
 While people-watching, I consume a glass of white wine (Mucho Mechor than the stuff in the hotel) and a type of calamari (not too bad as long as the minty dipping sauce doesn't run out)
GOOD wine

When I first passed here, a young woman with her two children had been cowering in the lower right corner of this doorway and a meagre selection of items for sale. During lunch I had made up my mind to go back there and buy a substantial amount of the trinkets she was selling.  Alas, when I find the place again, she and her children and her wares are gone.  If you find something worth doing, NEVER EVER postpone it !

El Malecon in Puerto Vallarta (I prefer the one in La Habanna ;-)

Mexican church with Mexican bus (still haven't taken one)
In the centre I see one store selling 'Indigenous Art of Mexico' (the equivalent of 'Native Art' in Canada) and can't help but enter.  I learn a new word; 'plata fina' means about the same as Sterling Silver.  There are gorgeous pieces with lapis and silver and display. One in particular catches my eye, but today is not the day to spend 11,000 Pesos on a necklace!

My summary of walking to the centre along the beach and back along the road (about 7 km in total): The centre reminds me a little of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. And I DO NOT like Fishermans' Wharf ;-(

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