Thursday, 22 January 2015

A new country sticker (or First time in Mexico)

9:40 am.  I am waiting in the light rain at a bus stop in North Vancouver to take me to the airport.  I'm wearing sandals (with socks in this climate) and a very light hoodie and I'm slowly getting wet while the usual traffic ballet in front of me works on completing the grey exhaust cloud that usually hangs over lower North Vancouver.  

I'm not very sad about leaving ;-)

In the skytrain to the airport I take a front seat (right behind the children's row at the front window).  Just before the train leaves another passenger runs into the rain and with much noise and moaning plops himself on the seat across the aisle. I'm reading a newspaper and if I had been wearing glasses I would have peered over their upper edge when I slowly turn my head to look at the noisy newcomer (You have seen that look in many movies).  It's a heavyweight blond person and it takes me a split second to recognize my travel companion who I was supposed to meet the airport.  A few split seconds later his head has turned also and he recognizes me eyeing him with that look.  He starts shouting "OH OH OH, THAT LOOK". 

Hans, co-owner of the fabulous Stevens Creek Guesthouse, and I are on our way to Puerto Vallarta.

At the airport I eat Chicken Teriyaki atToshi and a glass of white wine from KOHO (After owing one food poisoning to KOHO, I no longer eat there).
Puerto Vallarta Airport
 After warning me not to be hoodlumed by crafty salesmen, Hans ALMOST buys our hotel room again from same said crafty salesmen, but escapes unscathed.

The moon seen from the hotel room balcony

The pool, the moon, and some crashing waves seen from the hotel's balcony

The shore line WITHOUT hourly fireworks

The shoreline WITH hourly fireworks
10:20 pm (9:20 pm PST): After 5 glasses of All Inclusive white wine in the Mexican Hotel, I am ready for bed.  The 4.5 hour flight with Air Transat was bearable. A good flight would have entailed the person in front of me, who already had all the legroom in the world because she was sitting behind a bulkhead, not reclining her seat to the maximum, and Air Transat feeding for free its passengers more than 1 minuscule bag of BBQ style Corn on a 4.5 hour flight.

But my world is OK now. I am writing this post at 11:20 local time 40 meters from the ocean, only dressed in shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals without socks.  

This morning, Regina, my fabulous waitress at Denny's in Vancouver, exclaimed that she wished she had my resources and free time, when she heard that I was leaving Vancouver again.  A good reminder to stay humble. In today's world I am one of the fortunate ones. But if you are actually reading this on a computer somewhere on this plant and if you had enough to eat today, so are you!

Buenas Noches, todo el mundo !

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