Monday, 26 January 2015

A mundane Monday (or a long march and another long march)

Sunday evening I admired more of the yellow-footed birds.

They come in pairs !

No sightings yet, fortunately ;-)
Monday morning it's time for the 7 km march to Viejo Vallarta again.
Another walk to the bike tour store; closed again !  But a nice view ;-)

Most tourists don't climb hills very well

Very pretty tourist wares 

Hans parting the pool waters
After lunch and a short nap (This is a holiday after all), I decide to walk the beach in the other direction.  There is supposed to be an uninterrupted beach for more than 3 km to the Marina of PV.

A facial expression rarely seen in Vancouver

This little river seems innocent enough

or maybe not?

After almost being swept away when fyording the stream, I start to understand why they are patrolling out there

Presumably a nice view from the inside, but not from the outside

The 'Hotel Zone'

NO, I did NOT pee my pants

If any of the birds represented by the little black specks are of the Albatross family, I wouldn't want to live here !

Hitchcock !

The sunset an hour later is a flamboyant orgy of pink and orange, but I'm sitting in the lobby uploading these pictures and my camera is in my room. Live and Learn.

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