Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bloody German Engineering (or A revolution in physics)

So I'm cycling along in North Vancouver.  I click through the options of the Bosch ebike controller and discover that my top speed has been 65.5 km/h (The aptly named Cemetery Hill  in Roberts Creek) and that my AVERAGE speed has been 34 km/h.

Hang on. That doesn't sound right.  The top speed is right. I was damned fast ;-)  But an AVERAGE of 34 km/h? I know that my average speed in city traffic is faster than that of cars, but 34 km/h seems way too high (Hear that car drivers? ;-)

So I press the RESET button for the Average, which also resets the trip distance to Zero.  Then I start pedalling up a reasonably steep hill and keep watching the display.  The speed displays as 16 km/h which is right on for a good hill.  The average speed, which was just reset to ZERO, keeps flickering between 31.6 and 32.2 km/h.  


So what the display is telling me is that

If I travel for one hour at 16 km/hour I will have travelled 32 kilometers.

A revolution in Physics !  And all thanks to Bosch !  How can the bloody thing get the speed right and screw up the average?  Is the clock running at half speed?  

The  truly annoying thing is that this used to work properly at some point.  And I'm willing to bet that any product from China, which Snobbish Bosch-Buyers usually denounce as sub-standard, will be able to calculate the average speed properly ;-)

UPDATE on March 21, 2015:

I drove by the bike shop today and mentioned the problem. Mr. Bike man connected his laptop via USB to the bicycle controller and controller now shows the correct average speed. A software update has cured the controller brain damage ;-)

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