Friday, 23 January 2015

Sleep, Sleep, and another aborted attempt to walk to the Centre

I keep drifting in and out of slumber until 4 pm!  When I leave the hotel for a walk along the beach to the town centre, I run into Hans, who apparently left his keys in the room and has been banging on the door.  I’m a good sleeper apparently ;-)

 I see the usual resort-style parachute-being-pulled-by-motorboat thingy.  Moments before the landing guy touches the sand, I mentally shout "Bend your knees or you'll break your hips". He doesn't but fortunately two operatives catch him before he touches ground ;-)

The tide is lower now than it was this morning, which might contribute to the fact that I quickly pass the turn-around point of this morning’s walk.  But having left my sandals in the hotel in the hope of a continuous sandy beach I have to turn around a bit later when the sand is replaced by gravel, which reminds me of the beaches of England.  Too harsh on my dainty toes!

We spend dinner and the evening talking and laughing with Sulema & Tanya, two women living in B.C. who aren't the least bit phony. Their interesting stories shall remain un-re-told but both of these are darlings whom I feel fortunate to have met.  

What a refreshing change from the woman with the starved-bony hips who I first see tanning on the sea-wall where she looked semi-classy, and who I met later again in the elevator (the ONLY time I have taken the elevator and only because I thought I was being attacked by Montezuma Revenge), who - while trying to point at me by rotating her index finger through the compass rose from East to West - barely managed to slur "I know youuuuuuu".
Drunk Skunk, I think is the expression, or was that Drunk Skank?  Last time I am taking that elevator ;-)

Back to sleeeep. (And it will be 11 hours of uninterrupted snoozing ;-)

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