Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A bicycle, A bicycle, my kingdom for a bicycle! (I get one for a small fraction though ;-)

Finally, I bit the bullet and rented a bicycle. We tried the tour operator in the southern end of town twice but there was no one in the shop.  Today I took a taxi from the hotel to the bicycle rental place close to the marina in the northern end of town (60 Pesos)  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me; some of the US-registered boats were a sight to behold. EXPENSIVE !  The bike rental is definitely not cheap (500 pesos for 24 hours), but I no longer feel trapped in my All-Inclusive hotel, which in my eyes is worth that price!

 Right after renting the bicycle I am happily corrected in my earlier poor estimate of Mexican honesty (Thankfully; I must have found the bad apple right in the beginning). When paying for my bottle of water at a local OXXO inadvertently with two 10 Peso coins the clerk hands one of them back to me because the price is only 10 Pesos.  Not a big deal, but I didn't want to leave my complaint from days ago standing uncorrected!

Almost as if they were sitting for a family portrait ;-)

The artist and I must have read the same SciFi authors !

El Malecon

Picking up the piece of fish


The puppy dog is supposed to keep the birds away from the fish guts ....

Finally puppy has learned 

 I lock the bike on a lamp post on the narrow beach walk at La Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead). First I explore the whateveritis thing in the ocean and the views.

Gives a total new meaning to the word Cruising ;-)

Still have to go there (the Surf was higher an instant before)
I head to Langostinos restaurant and order Trio de Mare.  The menu describes it as a trio of prawns, calamar, and scallops. When the waiter intones the word ajo (garlic) as a question, I nod vigorously. The house wine is drinkable and the food has FLAVOUR !

A blurry picture (Was I smoking and the camera focussing on my smoke?):  Boat with a mixed crew

I meet Hans in this restaurant, but he continues along the beach. I look for him briefly, then cycle back to the hotel for a dessert slice of cake and an hour-long nap.  Life is good ! 

When I awake at 3:30 pm, I notice a brighter shade of red on the opposite side of my elbows.  Biker Burn!  Hits me every time ;-(

Around 4;30 pm I ride back into town. The place where I had lunch and where I had hoped to indulge in some Ceviche is packed. Not a single seat left and I overhear two owners saying in English "The difference two weeks can make".

I head back to my other favourite restaurant.  I start with a glass of white wine. Yummy.  The waiter brings chips and salsa.  I'm not a big chips fan.  In Canada salsa gives me the creeps.  I dip one chip in the little pot, eat it, and my eyes go WIDE:  So this is what it's supposed to taste like ;-)

The last week I have been reading a book (fiction) with a French Police inspector in Brittany.  His favourite food is Entrecote avec frites. I see a picture of a steak with fries on the restaurant menu and order it (Be VERY WARY of subliminal advertising ;-)
The meat is very good, if a under-done for my taste. The portion is too big for me and I actually have leave meat on the table. My sincere apology, dead Cow !

With the time approaching 7 pm, it is time to head home. Darkness is approaching and navigating Mexican roads in bright daylight already is a dangerous challenge; I don't want to cycle home in the dark. 

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