Friday, 23 January 2015

A Morning in Mexico (or Banditos at 7-11)

I wake up at 7:30 and discover that our room indeed has Ocean View ;-)

Breakfast doesn't open until 8am. After a cup of coffee, I fondly remember Cuba, where I used to drink 6 or more cups of Cafe per day because it tastes so good. No such luck here; I'm even wondering whether they are serving decaf.

The other side of the hotel
Time for a beach walk.

Now this building deserves the name Grand Hotel:

I'm not sure whether it never got finished or was meant to be demolished.

But the cupolas look fabulous; probably the tops of elevator shafts. 

Apart from those, the building lacks pretty much EVERYTHING else!

Which does not seem to lower its attraction to tenants

Slept 8 hours last night and still tired !
Must stay on the outside of the fence: beach vendor (hats I think)

By 3 pm when I write this I will have completed two 2-hour naps and I'm still tired. What are they putting into the white wine?

In between those 2 naps I manage to go shopping at an OXXO outlet, the local equivalent of a 7-11 store. When I am owed 5 pesos change (about 45 cents) and receive a minuscule coin with a 5 or 50 on it (I don't have my reading glasses on me) I ask the clerk whether this is a 5 Peso piece and she confirms. In fact, she gave me 50 centavos.

Bienvenidos a Mexico !

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