Sunday, 5 October 2014

What a lovely feeling

Yes, I am back in the same motel that I spent the winter of 2012 in.  And the winter of 2013. And the spring of 2014.  

Why do I keep coming back?

This morning I called Reception to tell them that I would not need my room cleaned today.  I pick up the phone, dial 0, and the first sounds out of the receiver is not "Reception" or "Front Desk", but "Good morning, Chris".  It is Sofia, who rides her bicycle to work almost every day and has remembered which room I'm staying in.
Unfortunately not my phone

Yesterday I had a chat with Jason, the motel handyman who was about to start sanding an old work desk.  "I hope you're not planning to have a nap, Chris". His offer to postpone that work to enhance my calm of sleep is appreciated but declined.
my motel, but not my pic

After calling Reception, I step out of my room onto the 1st floor platform to go for breakfast, only to be greeted by another "Good morning, Chris" from across the court yard.  This comes from a member of the house-keeping staff. I would recognize her face everywhere but am embarrassed to have to admit that I do not know her name.

What baffled me most about the apartment building in Burnaby was that that my repeated attempts of greeting people I met in the elevator or the hallways with a 'Good Morning', were only met with blank stares 75% of the time.  Subconsciously I was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

Glad to be back in relative civilization ;-)

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