Sunday, 26 October 2014

Embarcadero (the unorganized post)

We got back after 2 am from the concert last night.  This morning I had the opportunity to hear Alan snore through closed doors.  Good thing he's not a smoker or it would be even worse! I'm back in my hotel after a lovely lunch with Alan and his lovely family in a Shanghai-style restaurant in Oakland.

Then I see it.  My hotel in North Vancouver also recently installed one of these. Are the grossly enlarging mirrors that my mom used to plug out various hairs and that turn every human pore into a moon crater making a comeback.  That is bad news indeed! Note from my vain self: Remember that this picture was taken not long after I embraced the white porcelain queen all night long.  2nd note from my vain self:  I am writing this post while having breakfast at Denny's. The waitress comes up from behind me and says that she likes the picture below. She even notes that the camera image is mirrored ;-)

My camera and I in front of one of those evil mirrors
One of the Bart stations is getting brand new escalator parts 

There are a lot of glass facades in San Francisco, reminding me of Hong Kong. 

But somehow I have the feeling that glass panes in Hong Kong are more plane, giving rise to less interesting distortions

Always leave a reason to come back: I still haven't taken one of these trams (nor have I ever taken a cable car )

Keep that blimp away from those spikes !

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