Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Bridge, Hawk Hill, Bridge, Berkeley (or Hail Lithium on June 28)

The new bike worked amazingly on the way back to the hotel yesterday afternoon.  24 gears instead of 8, a detailed battery level indicator, more Pedal-assist levels, and most importantly:  No dying batteries (at least not on the way back to the hotel).  

Again I ride down to Embarcadero to see ocean and birds.  

And then it's time to point the bike towards Crissy Park and The Bridge:
At first I wasn't sure where to ride today, but there is still the matter of the abandoned hill climb yesterday.  It would be nice to complete a ride to that view point, to "check it off the list". That way I could start on completely new list of destinations/targets next time.  So I breeze through Crissy Field (no herons are showing themselves today), the on-ramp, and the bridge itself.  The nice woman at Blazing Saddles that directed me to the ferry yesterday actually provided me with a shortcut so that I can cross under the main highway through a tunnel, instead of having to head halfway down to Sausalito to be able to take the route through Fort Baker.  It's not long until I am climbing.

There is a tunnel through the very top of the hill and there are old gun-emplacements on the other side of the crest (those wevil Japanese !). There is also a view ;-)

But then it's time to leave already. I am on a tight schedule here ;-)  It is 11 am now. I will meet Alan for lunch in Berkeley at 11:30. In some of the above vista pictures you can see Berkeley at the far horizon.  To get there, I will have to ride down this hill again, cross the bridge, traverse Crissy Field and make it to Embarcadero again, from where I will take Bart though the TransBay tube to Berkeley.  Time to leave !!!
Oakland on the far shore. Berkeley to left of that.

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