Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Out to lunch with bike and ferry

It has been raining. A lot!
 The weather forecast promised sunny skies for today though, so I thought it might be the perfect day to meet Hans & Denise for lunch in Gibsons.
You can imagine my joy when I looked out the window at 8 am and it was still raining.  The 'new' weather forecast predicted sun at 10 am.  And what is this?  At 9 am the sun breaks through!  An accurate weather forecast!
As a monthly tenant I am not entitled to the free breakfast of the motel, but since house-keeping has not managed to clean my room in time during the last week, and consequently has not provided me with fresh coffee, I feel entitled on occasion to raid the breakfast room for coffee and muffins.  Two coffees and two chocolate muffins (small ones) later, I feel awake and fed enough to ride the 17 kms to the ferry terminal Horseshoe Bay.

At 9:10 Hans informs me on the phone that he would not be able to attend lunch because he has to watch a soccer game.  Ah well, everyone has their priorities.

The ride to Horseshoe Bay is quick and painless (thank you, Battery!). At the ferry terminal I meet Fabian, a young cyclist from Switzerland, who is taking his bike for a 10 day camping trip of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. Rain apparently is no deterrent for him. I find out that he is planning to pitch his tent somewhere in the forest tonight.  I invite Fabian to join me and Denise for lunch at the fabulous Chinese place in Gibsons, and with Hans's & Denise's consent he might not have to sleep in the forest tonight after all.
That time of the year again

As a pseudo-thank-you, Fabian offers to do some card tricks for us (he says he usually does not do that to not look like the 'trick idiot').  Whenever I have seen card tricks on TV, I always assumed that I could and would spot the slight of hand if I ever was physically present at such an event.  Cured of another illusion I am.  This guy is good!

 I catch the 2:30 ferry back to Vancouver 

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