Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vamos a la playa (No, really ! ;-)

I get back from lunch with Alan in Berkeley. This time La Note disappointed.  True, their Voignier is still as yummy as it was in June. But we didn't get the reserved outside table because the outside season apparently is over.  A nice table at the window was not granted us either. The offered outlet (after I asked) to charge my bicycle battery was too much trouble.  But the true disappointment was the Poire Helene dessert they brought to the table.  I've been making this a few times when I had some pear and chocolate.  I am by no means an expert, but what I produced was far superior to their COLD concoction of a bit of pear with LOTS of whipping cream and ice cream. Shudder !
I was over and up there this morning

When I get back to the hotel, I plug the battery in its charger and instantly descend into a nice nap.  I wake up at 4 pm and decide that there is ample of daylight time left to go for another bike ride.  I rode to the new destination already in June, but fog was blanketing the coast at that time, so it might be worth going there again today.

Flags and the corner of a cable car
My bike rolls over the top of one final hill and there is my destination. Ocean Beaches!
I lock the bike on the promenade and rip my shoes off my feet.
Nothing like the feeling of digging one's toes into warm soft sand.
I truly enjoy the sparsity of people, concrete, and LALA -Loath-them Yoga suits.

following in someone's footsteps (they weren't giants though)

I ride back along a different route, Golden Gate Park seems a safer ride and there are a lot less traffic lights.
Tatanka ! (Anyone remember Dancing with wolves?)
After the fabulous bike path leading through Golden Gate Park ends, I stop at Alamo Square and look back towards the sunset.

Looking into the exact opposite direction, the sun still hits the high-rises, while the 'painted ladies' are already in the shade.  One of them sold for $900K just this year. Try that in Vancouver ;-(

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