Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rain soaking brain away (or The barometer tells the ugly truth)

When I visited Grandma yesterday, I decided to check out the barometer in her kitchen.  Barometers are those mysterious devices that measure air pressure.  Do the terms low pressure system and high pressure from the weather forecast ring a bell?  Accordingly, the display scale of a barometer often contains weather phenomena in addition to the actual pressure.  So when I looked at Grandma's barometer yesterday, the needle was hovering somewhere between Stormy and Rain.  That is LOW pressure.  And while I don't have any old war wounds that start aching now, that finger joint that was once dislocated during snow-boarding usually aches when the air pressure gets low.  But I suspect that it's either the low air pressure, or the vast amount of rain, or the diminishing sun-light hours also have an effect on my head, in particular on my concentration.  

Since the Winter God ate the sun, I have repeatedly taken no or the wrong key card for my hotel room with me and consequently would not be able to get into my room on my return. Not a huge problem: I just have to walk to reception so that they can issue me a new key card ;-)

But last night it wasn't the key card for the room! Oh NO, that would have been too easy.
It was my car keys. They were in the car and I was not in the car.  Not really a problem, unless one is stupid or distracted enough to have locked the doors when getting out of the car ;-(  You guessed it, I was stupid or distracted enough to have accomplished the feat of locking my doors without taking the keys with me.  

I was somewhere in East Vancouver. And how do those stories start?  It was a dark and stormy night .....
.... and it was raining cats and dogs !

Where to start to remedy that unhappy situation?  Instantly I am highly relieved to have bought a rain jacket earlier in the day (see previous post ;-).  I am also glad that this is happening in the 'tens' (201X, with 0 =< X =< 9), because in any other historic time period I would not have had a smartphone at my disposal. I mean, what good is a cell phone, if you don't have the telephone number you need?  Go knocking on people's doors in a dark and stormy and WET night?  Good luck. And yes, I also consider myself happy to have said smartphone in my pocket instead of inside the car.
Anyhoo,, I am able to Google Search for Vancouver Tow Trucks and call Busters Towing to come and break into my truck (Now those people that broke into my truck in Edmonds would come in handy ;-).

After waiting for 25 minutes in the blistering rain, the tow truck arrives and opens my door within 2 minutes.  It costs me $49 but I'm just glad to climb into the dryness of my car and finally have a cigarette.

And YES, I do blame it all on the weather ;-)

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