Monday, 20 October 2014

T minus 3 days and 90 mm of rain

90 mm of rain, that's almost 4 inches for you non-metric people out there. That is what the weather forecast predicts for the next 2 days.  Both in inches and mm that translates to a LOT of water, namely 90 liters of water on every square meter (isn't metric convenient? ;-). Think of it. Think of emptying 45 of those 2L pop bottles on every square meter.  We're talking Flood here.  We're talking no bike-riding. We're talking gloomy gray to black skies, many-layered clothing and splashy roads for more than 48 hours.  

A wee bike ride in June ;-)
Berkeley, on the other hand, is expected to receive 1 mm of rain during the upcoming 7 days.  That is one 2L pop bottle of water per square meter.  Sounds more reasonable.  What a semi-fortunate coincidence that Berkeley is where I will spend a week. It would be truly fortunate if I were down there when Vancouver receives its 45 2L pop bottles per square meter, but alas, I will have to witness the deluge before I get out of here.

And while we're on the subject of bike riding: Hey Canadians, how about you stop throwing your junk and metal pieces on the roads?  Yesterday I had another flat tire.  Coming down the cycling path of Lions Gate Bridge. Imagine going 40 km/h going down a steep and very narrow road and then running into people's metal junk that causes your rear tire to deflate.  Here is something to think about:  During the last 2 years, I have been riding bikes in Ireland, France, Germany, England, Holland, Belgium, Canada.  I've had 2 flat tires. Both of these I got on roads in Canada. Assuming that I've cycled as many kilometers abroad as here, that casts a dire light on the condition of Canadian roads, doesn't it?

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