Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Myra Canyon (or An encounter with the Void)

I've arrived at View of the Lake B&B in West Kelowna again.  Gracious host Steve gave me directions to and a 10%-Off coupon for a restaurant operated by a friend of his.  Blu Saffron Bistro.  The food is VERY good and the view ain't too shabby either.

The mussels are SOO good that I even decide to order dessert, which I usually don't do (I am determined to re-aquire my waist before I die ;-)

After all that food, I sleep like a baby and this is the view that awaits me from my bed VERY early the next morning;

After another fabulous 3 course breakfast (a specialty of A View of the Lake B&B), I head up to Myra Canyon to complete my 24 km bike ride (back & forth) over 24 trestles and 4 tunnels (twice over/through every one of 12 trestles / 2 tunnels on the route back and forth).

On a very conscious level I am dreading this bike ride, because I remember the time exactly one year ago, when I was up here riding bikes with George.  It's been 4 months now, but the void pops up persistently.

And there is the spot.  And there hovers the Void.

last year

The Void also hovers over a few trestles

Last year

On the way back I pass all these spots again; only this time there is a chipmunk sitting on George's rock ;-)

last year


While the encounters with the void are painful, they do seem to serve a positive purpose in the long term.  Somewhere in the back of one's head there is always the thought that if one could just figure out what that one elusive action is, whose performance causes miracles, things would magically go back to normal.  There is no such thing, of course, and after a while that does sink in.

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