Sunday, 3 August 2014

Kip in Cola (or How I narrowly escaped the coked-up chicken)

There is one typical Dutch dish that I have heard of, at first considered to be a joke, then realized it is no joke, and am still hesitant to try.
The dish's name motivates me to listen to an old favourite song: Psycho Chicken. (of course only a cover of the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Talking Heads' Psycho Killer) (If you only watch one, watch the second one !!!)

Coca-Cola-Kip,  Kip met Coke,  Kip in Cola, etc.

The brave eater may ask:        "What is it?"

It is chicken slow-cooked in Cola and Ket.  And they have it in the motel restaurant.  At 7:30 pm on Sunday evening I leave my room and walk across the yard to the restaurant. GESLOTEN it says.  Oh, for ....!

This morning I had to cycle 12 km to the nearest 'city' because EVERYTHING in my town is closed because it is Sunday. Even the gas station in the next bigger town of Ouddorp is closed today.  So is the restaurant with the cherry pancakes as I found out this afternoon.  This is worse than Germany!

But I remember that there was another slightly expensive looking restaurant close to the Dam. Expo Haringvliet. (Herring fleet? It IS right next to the harbour with the fish boats).  So I hop on the bike for the 5 minute ride.  It is OPEN!
And yes, eating in Holland ain't cheap.
A view AND wind protection (important in Holland ;-)

YUMMY, especially the fish-dipping curry sauce

It is starting to look like rain when I finish my meal
I am one of the last people to leave the restaurant. Eating late can have its benefits: The view along the bike ride back to the hotel is stunning.

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