Friday, 1 August 2014

Flying high in Middelburg

From the side/back of the building
Middelburg is well known for its gorgeous city hall and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Even approaching along the side wall I am fascinated by the gargoyles along the facade. 

Turning the corner to the front facade I am facing scary things of another nature:

The fair has arrived in Middelburg!

Sure, all those colours in front of that architecture are a nice touch, but is that what I came here for? How am I going to see the city hall in its entirety?

And then I notice it. It's not in the same square. Somehow the Fair is so large, it has to be distributed over several squares of the city (and as in most Dutch cities, there is no shortage of those).

And here are the results of my high-flying activity (not too bad for pics taken while being flung through the air)

So there, a carousel-free picture of city hall ;-)

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