Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A dreary visit to daft Delft

Ever seen pottery tiles similar to the ones below?  If so, you've probably seen Delft tiles.

Usually there is also a windmill in there somewhere.
I say probably, because in the old days the Dutch city of Delft was famous for producing these.  Now you can also get them from China, and I'm not saying that the ones from China are any less quality than the ones from Delft.  But thanks to eBay, they're much easier to get ;-)
A final nice glimpse of Rotterdam

I extended my trip from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland by detouring to this city. Grandma loves Delft porcelain!  My first impression is not too bad.

When I get to a big square I am a little shocked.  There are no blue-white tiles in evidence anywhere, unlike in Macau, where half the city was plastered in them.  I don't even see any stores selling Delft pottery.  Strange!  Time for a Rose! The fish salad is quite good too. I just wish the Dutch would stop adding these squirts of colourful something to anything they call food.

After lunch I realize that the reason I had not seen the shops was that I was at the wrong square. This is the square and it is full of the usual crappy shops.  I've had enough of towns like this and I leave after just buying a few postcards.
There are the feared blue-white shops lining the square!

At least there are no carousels blocking the view ;-)
I visit three of these stores but I can't even find a SQUARE blue-white tile fridge magnet (TONS of wooden shoes though).  Daft Delfters!
'Famous' leaning church tower. Sorry, guys, this ain't Pisa ;-(

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