Thursday, 7 August 2014

Get with it! This is the Internet Age! (or Ruminations in a Yard)

Hotels should not get away with advertising FREE INTERNET IN ALL ROOMS if you have yo sit in the yard to read your e-mail.

Get with it you dumb 'resort'-style Dutch coastal hotels. Yes, you make most of your easy money from arrogant German tourist who EXCLUSIVELY communicate in German in a condescending and often RUDE tone that can only mean "This is Holland, why should I speak anything but German?", but by not providing half-way descent internet in your hotel rooms, you condemn yourself to that kind of clientele for all eternity

So, if YOU like to read your e-mail in your room (let's just forget that the internet also contains images and streaming media; the only thing that streams here are the complaints of German tourists [Yes, pun recognized ;-]), DO NOT go to, Zorn Hotel Duinlust in Noordwijk, De Goede Reede in Stellendam!  They charge enough as it is; shame on them for being too cheap to install decent routers.  I mean, for god's sake, the Pannekoekehuisje restaurant at the beach had better internet than these hotels!

Yes, I admit it, I went on one of those canal tours as soon as I stepped out of the train station ;-)

I would include another hotel in Nordwijk (starts with H) because their internet really sucks, but then the owner was kind enough to give me AND the broken Velo (Q$#%U*&!) a lift to the nearest train station, which was in the town Voorhout 7 km away from the hotel. So if you end up in a hotel starting with H in Nordwijk you'll have lousy internet but also emergency bicycle service in the person of an endearing older gentleman who likes to talk about his time living in Florida ;-)

The fact that you're able to read this at all is that I have arrived in Amsterdam (Yes, a few days of blog posts will have to be caught up with now that I'm out of the Sucky-Internet-Coastal region (what is it? all the salt in the ocean water affects Wifi?).

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