Tuesday, 5 August 2014

An evening unchained in Rotterdam (NOT what you think!)

OK, so the title is a tad misleading, but that is the fun of titles ;-). It's my bicycle that is unchained rather than me. OK, it's not entirely unchained, but a few more meters of pedaling would do it. This is what a healthy chain lock looks like: 

Mine looks a bit different:

Bad?  Definitely NOT.  

1) The chain gave way 3 blocks from my hotel.

2) It didn't fall off completely, throwing me off balance, crushing the crown jewels (happened before) and presenting me with the choice of getting greasy fingers picking it up again or just leaving it there.
3) I'm in Holland ! 
4) And not even in the boonies in Holland, but in the country's 3rd biggest city.
Do the words Enbridge and Kitimat ring a bell ?

Does this qualify as Recycling?  Bird nest in canal on old tires and twigs and garbage

The chain died this evening when I was frantically cycling around under the setting sun trying to get these pictures before darkness fell:

There are actually two pieces of fish on top of each other. And it tastes FRESH! (Rose count = 4)

Bridges galore

I'm till shocked to find out that the nearest bicycle repair store is as far as 1.1 km away.  Of course, there might be one closer, but Google Maps is language sensitive. Bike Shop gets you different results from Bicycle Store, which in turn gives you different results from Fiets Repair.  So there might be one around the corner but Google won't let me find it. C'mon Google: You have Google Translate; time to incorporate it into Maps to help stranded cyclists!

There is that wacky-blocky architecture again

I'm not sure whether people use the water taxis as transportation or for the speed rush ;-)

Something that Dublin tried but didn't quite achieve

When I look again in Google with the search word Rijwiel (bicycle), I discover another bike repair shop right at the Centraal Railway Station. It is incorporated in the Bicycle Parkade (yes, they have them here too ;-) and I could have had the bike fixed last night. Opening hours for bike repair are 4:30 am until 2 am !!!! Don't believe me?  Check out their website and look at the Rotterdam location hours.  OMG, I like it here.

I use Google Maps to find my way to the train station in the morning. I've read something about federal elections in Turkey, so that is what this lineup must be all about: long-distance voting.

No Holds barred designed square

Not a reflection: Dutch architecture

A new approach on fountains

No this is not the Metro. Bicycle Parkade with integrated repair shop.

I drop the bike off at 9 am and have it back at 10 am.  A brand-new chain installed is not cheap (40 Euros) but then I asked for ASAP service and someone has to pay for those 4:30 am to 2 am hours.


  1. A new chain for my bike costs $30 at a local store, by the time tax is added, that's $33. If I want that installed, that would be another $15 extra. So 40 Euro is not so bad when you get the bike back in an hour.

  2. True.
    I'm just used to buying chains for $10-15 at Mountain Equipment Coop a few years ago and installing them myself. But as I said, 40 Euros for 1 hour service in a place that's open half the night is not bad either.