Tuesday, 5 August 2014

At the Hoof of Holland (aka Hoek van Holland)

Fine, it's actually called Hoek van Holland, but the other name would work quite well too.  Remember Bugger Bognor? 

My hotel room looks very nice. Unfortunately it faces West so that its windows receive direct sunlight until about 9:30 pm.  Fine, I'll just open some windows. DUH. Only 1 (ONE) tiny tilting window.  There is a refrigerator in the room, and that only heats the place up more.  The ceiling fan stirs the air into an unbearable quagmire of heat.

Then I head out to check out the famous Corner of Holland, with the Maas forming one side and the North Sea forming the other.

Oh ...

What are they doing?

I just don't get it!
What it looks like looking down from where they are sitting

There must be something important that I'm just not getting.

OK, the pictures so far have been a little misleading. But only a little.  If one goes to the very corner, this is what it looks like.  The river on the left with industry and Rotterdam harbour on the other side of the Maas and a beach on the right.  But all these people in the first pictures staring at the industry were nowhere near the beach!

Since my room is way too hot, I spend all evening sitting in a restaurant close to the beach, working on my translations, drinking Rose, and eating mussels (a harsh fate, I know).

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