Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sidney evening and sunrise (or Pleasant but just a tad boring)

I can't really say too too much about Sidney.
 Just because I don't know too too much about Sidney.
 I can only present first impressions.
 And even these first impressions are a bit vague.
 Sidney is one of those 'pleasant' towns
 Just as the word pleasant itself, these towns don't really have an edge or a particular feature.
 But these towns are very popular with elderly and retired people.
Prices are just a tad higher than normal and there are MANY stores catering to that clientele ...
 ... in those ' pleasant' towns.

No, a Sidney Sunrise is not another fancy umbrella drink. Much to sharp-edged for such a pleasant town.  And this is a pleasant post!  Offending people is bad for business!  So here is a sunrise in Sidney.

Pleasant, eh?

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