Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dropping off my laundry (or The flying objects post )

On my way to drop off my laundry (a ~30 km bike trip from North Vancouver to Commercial Drive and back), I see two bald eagles cruising over Stanley Park, and one happens to land in this tree.

Eagle's nest
Since I don't see it leave again, I start searching the tree, until I find this:
Unfortunately the eagle is keeping very quiet, and definitely is not going for another fly, so the only thing I see flying is not quite an eagle:

C'est ne pas un eagle !

Big & small

Have I mentioned that it's cherry blossom season yet? 

Cruising under Burrard Bridge, I spot two more flying things

Just not flying at the moment

Then I spot a nice pink Magnolia and while trying to take a decent picture of it (in front of a decent background), I come up with the following question:
Ever notice how much concrete there is in Vancouver?

Yes, there is a flying object in the following picture
Plane in front of container port in front of Mt. Baker

IFO  & Second Narrows Bridge

Mt Baker behind harbour

North Shore mountains behind bridge cables

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