Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Long time no post (or T minus 48 hours)

Two weeks since my last post! That's Vancouver taking its toll.  Between translating, collecting receipts to file a tax return, never-ending car trouble, I didn't really have time for anything that would have been worth posting.  But things are about to change.  My tax return has been filed; my car will be towed to be scrapped this afternoon, there is a short-term moratorium on translating work. And I bought an airline ticket.  
To where?  Not telling yet. All that shall be revealed right now is that I'll be having a well-earned (yearned?) cigarette somewhere in the area depicted by this map on Saturday between 4pm and 6pm local time before catching my next plane.

Hint: It's in a country where wasting rice on one's plate is frowned upon

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