Thursday, 3 April 2014

Picking up my laundry (and More flying things ;-)

Laundry that has been dropped off should naturally also be picked up, otherwise one runs out of clean socks ;-(  Since Vancouver is blessed by another sunny day, I hop on le Velo for the ride.  I left earlier than usual and at English Bay I am greeted by a sight that I had never noticed before. Could a cleaned beach count as an April Fool's joke?

Be that as it may, for some unknown reason (the combed beach ?), the view over English Bay today has something special. Some kind of peaceful simplicity that reminds me very much of my favourite beach, Plage du Sillon close to St Malo.  Could it be the absence of people?

Visiting my friends the Cormorant birds (always resting on the same oeuvre d'art)

On the way back I take the other route, and 'stumble' across this piece of 'sculpture'. I don't really know what it symbolizes or how much it did cost, and on second thought I don't really want the answer to either question because it would probably piss me off.

But this is a good spot to get a view over the harbour and the coming and going of float-planes. 

This one' is leaving

The near collision is entirely due to perspective shortening ;-)
This one is arriving

From experience I know how amazingly smooth these landings can be ;-)

Looking back over the posts of the last months, I realize that it's about time for me to travel again.  While there may be some pretty pictures involved, the posts are about the amazingly informative and interesting topic of me picking up my laundry.  After realizing that and also noticing that my mood is becoming as flat as the variety of blog topics, I find myself looking at travel web-sites more often and the motto of the day is T minus 28 days ;-)

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