Sunday, 6 April 2014

2x 25 kms, 2 ferry rides, 2 friends, and 2 pieces of fish

After yesterday's grey wetness, and a weather forecast of sun for today, I can hardly wait to get on the bike today, to get some sun and some exercise.
I'm dressed for sun in April, but the sun is nowhere to be seen in the morning so the ride to Horseshoe Bay is rather on the cold side and I don't stop for pictures often.

But the ride serves a secondary purpose, namely to calibrate the time it takes to get to the ferry, so that on future rides I will be able to time it more closely without much waiting time (only possible on a bicycle ;-). This time I still arrive 40 minutes too early and consequently have some ample time to buy my ticket (with BC Ferries Experience Card $12.25 for the return trip) and to take pictures.

I you're still in the dark on where Bates Motel is filmed

Not Safari season yet

even though the Orca are jumping ;-)

My bus
I even manage to get a seat in the driver's seat row of the passenger deck, where I start writing this post.  Life can be rough, sometimes ;-)

During my cigarette break on the sundeck I glance back towards Vancouver.  After this view, I am relieved that the ride wasn't even colder.

I was told to stay away from BC Ferries' excellent cheesecake and surprisingly obeyed this order. By the time it is time to debark, I am famished and I still have 5 kms to go before I can eat!

Hans is L8 so I have time to visit some friends:

Not a parrot but Mr Gibson

waiting for Godot & Hans

Lunch with Denise & Hans is fabulous and great fun. Despite protests I leave Gibsons at 2 pm to catch the 2:30 pm ferry backto Vancouver.  And I'm glad that I'm not in a car because the ferry loading area is PACKED with cars.  As the BC Ferries website confirms:  not all those cars will fit on the ferry and some will have to wait for 2 hours for the next ferry.  Of course, that also means that the loading takes longer than normal while they try to squeeze the last possible car on board.

The trip back is uneventful and even a little boring, not least due to me almost falling asleep after all that cycling, food, and wine.
Sun? What sun?

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