Thursday, 10 April 2014

A trip to Chemainus

It's cold outside before noon.  I'm glad that I stuck to my choice of wearing my cotton hoodie, and I'm close to digging out the gloves out of my backpack.

I can't really get into cycling today. It's cold; I'm tired; and the cleanliness of the surroundings leaves just a little to be desired. I must admit, even in England there is not as much white trash in the ditches and hedges as along the Island Highway !


Things get better as soon as I get onto Chemainus Road, which leads to, well, you can guess.

The weather obviously is not cooperating, as evidenced by the ever-present greyness

I chase the below seagull off the above spit and start looking at shells

ever wonder what the bridge you are driving a 3 ton vehicle over looks like from below?


Is that SNOW ????

On the one hand life in Chemainus seems to be almost too peaceful for me, but on the other the scarcity of car noises is instantly evident and is something I could get used to.

Back at the bridge, the tide has used my absence to creep in and convert the spit into an island.

As for tomorrow, I'm not sure whether to proceed further south, or just to head back home. I'll just sleep on it ;-)


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